Payments Without Borders

With collection accounts in over 55 currencies, you can collect funds from customers and subsidiaries in the most efficient way possible and transfer them back into EURO or GBP with great exchange rates. When combined with risk management strategies, this means you have a stable rate to repatriate your overseas sales and know the exact amount of revenue that will make it back to your own accounts.


Simplify your operational management by eliminating the need to maintain your own bank accounts across multiple currencies and locations.

Reduce Costs

Avoid associated bank charges and reduce the operational costs often incurred from payment reconciliation, which can be a time intensive, manual process.


Invoice customers in local currency so they know exactly how much they owe and avoid fees when sending funds, whilst your business has full visibility of incoming payments.

Our Collection Capabilities


Local currency collection accounts: Funds can be collected in over 55 currencies, many of which are not commonly collected by banks, across many emerging market currencies.

Fund repatriation: Once you’ve collected funds, you can use our competitive exchange rates to transfer them to your business account in your local currency.

Fast and secure: Repatriation of your funds is fast and secure, drawing on our payment technology and requiring only an ongoing payment instruction.

Online Platform: View the funds you’ve collected  through the Online Platform and instruct onward payment.