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Simple and easy to use, you can carry out a spot transaction online or drawdown from your window forward contracts and instruct the payment to your recipient, start to finish, in two minutes.


Ebury The Online platform provides extra security for your business, giving you the ability to divide roles among your users and providing extra layers of authorisation for payments as well as a secure login.


You control how you use the platform with the flexibility to adjust the levels of management given to your account users and decide how much you want to do online or with your currency specialist.

Platform capabilities

24/7 account management: Review and manage your online trading account 24/7 with access to your trade history, reports and transaction receipts to provide a full audit trail for you and your suppliers.

Payment and beneficiary management: No matter if you trade online or through your currency specialist, you can add beneficiaries and instruct payments through the platform.

Transact online: Place new trades in over 50 currencies as well as drawdown from your open forward contracts through the trading platform.

Multi-payment: Bulk pay multiple recipients across multiple currencies through a simple file upload, so you can quickly pay your suppliers and staff across the globe.

Dual authorisation: Increase the security of your payments and reduce human error with the platform’s four eyes authorisation functionality.

Access levels: Add multiple users and control what level of access they have from read only to full management rights.

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