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If you are helping your clients from outside the Euro zone to buy or sell property in Spain then partnering with C&P Payments makes perfect sense for both you and your customers. Our expertise and experience will allow your clients to save both time and money with their international payments, there are also administrative benefits for your business.


Your clients will benefit from...

Superior exchange rates

If your clients are from outside the euro-zone we are best placed to help them with their payments. In the case of UK clients we can be 3-4% better than high street banks.

Expert advice & Support

We help your clients to trade safely not only at the right time but also through a variety of products that will suit their individual circumstances.

Secure Transfers

All transfers are made through segregated client accounts by our FCA regulated partners Ebury who have major offices in both the UK and Spain.

You will benefit from...

Improved Service

Adding C&P Payments to your list of client services will improve your client experience and prove to be a vital part of the sales process.

Additional revenue

Our service is completely free of charges to your customers but there are still ways in which we can introduce you to additional revenue and opportunity.

Market Information

Knowledge is power and we can help you with information regarding the currency market. What the trends are and where the markets might be moving.

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