Saving money for individuals

Whether you’re moving abroad, buying a holiday home or repatriating funds after a property sale, opening an account will simplify the mysteries of foreign exchange and potentially save you thousands against transferring directly through your bank. We want to make your money transfer as easy as we can, and we want to get you the best exchange rate possible. Unlike banks, we don’t believe in transfer fees, and think that sending money across the globe should be one of the easiest things you can do.

1. Get in Touch

Online, by email or direct to your dedicated dealer, get in touch to get a quote

2. Book the Trade

Once you’ve confirmed you are happy with the quote, We’ll book the trade for you

3. Receive Transaction

Receipt to confirm the payment has been booked. You can also view all your receipts Online

4. Send Funds

We’ll provide you with the details and reference number to send funds to us for your payment

5. Beneficiary Payment

We’ll send the payment through our secure network to your beneficiary on your selected value

6. Payment Receipt

After payment you and your beneficiary will receive a receipt to confirm the transaction

Our friendly currency experts are ready to speak to you face to face or over the phone, to help you find the easiest and simplest currency solutions. Whether it’s working out if market movements could impact you or simply explaining what a ‘forward contract’ is, we’re happy to help.

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